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I'm an independent writer and journalist speaking truth to power in NewSentry, my new Substack publication.


Most recently, I've exposed extreme bias and explicit, outright corruption at taxpayer-funded PBS Frontline. This includes the continued, direct, and vocal support of PBS Frontline by senior leadership at Columbia Journalism School, my alma mater.

An Indiana native and steelworker’s son, I’ve lived in both democratic Taiwan and totalitarian China, and previously worked inside establishment media at CNBC headquarters before becoming an independent journalist.


My work has been posted to social media by President Trump; Trump White House Director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy Dr. Peter Navarro; and Jeff Clark, U.S. Assistant Attorney General from 2018 to 2021. It is also featured on the website of National Taiwan University.

If you’re interested in learning more about my background and life experience, my origin story is available in the piece “Dispatch from Quemoy: My Journey to the Front Lines of Freedom.”

To support my work, please subscribe to NewSentry.

We are the new guard.


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Thank You, President Trump

'Take Down the CCP and Raise Up the American Worker': Trump Adviser Peter Navarro Outlines His Mission in New Book

Taiwan Has a Soul

Dispatch from Quemoy: My Journey to the Front Lines of Freedom

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